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Friday, August 25, 2006

dogs and racial discrimination..

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so.. nung isang araw.. may nakita akong online bulletin.. suportahan daw natin.. pero.. pagkabasa ko sa mga comments.. tinitira tayo ng mga dayuhan.. bakit? basahin nyo..

*basahin nyo muna ung 'petiton url' so to speak.. yeah right..*

eto ung email ko sa kanila

subject: regarding the petiton Dogs are our best friends, not meat - Philippines STOP brutality against them!

petition url -

i think that what youre doing for the good of all people is great and that it can really help us in the future.. unfortunatelly, after seeing this petition, i became somewhat disappointed because some people are becoming racist. i am a filipino.. proud and true... and i cannot stand this comments about our race being BARBARIANS, HEARTLESS, SOUL LESS, DISGUSTING PEOPLE... i mean.. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! for your info... not all filipinos eats dog meat and 2nd of all.. almost half of filipinos are poor... have no shelter, no money.

our country might be poor and suffering from corruption.. but we want some dignity..we want our voices be heardinstead of blabing racial slurs about filipinos.. why not JUST help them? cant we do that?

we as humans eat different kinds of food right?.. we eat pork, chicken, turkey, beef, snakes etc.etc... but let me ask you this.. isnt it that they are living creatures too..
you may havent heard ... but every country has its own unique culture.. and with culture, you have different delicacies.. dogs happen to be one of them in the provincial (RURAL) parts of philippines. take note PROVINCIAL!. also.. there are stories that people eat other humans.. isnt that more SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING AND BARBARIC?!?!

i speak for all filipinos when i say that, we also have our right to be heard. being the 'common race' doesnt give them the right to degrade other races. i have seen comments (from this particular petition) made by filipinos that were deleted the next day.. come on! what is that? where is the freedom?!?! how can we explain ourselves when we are barred from our rights? cant we prove our side FIRST! before being bombarded by racial slurs?

people shouldnt use helpless dogs to as an excuse to ignite anger of racists towards our country. it defeats the purpose of having a petition and supporting a cause.

thank you verymuch for your time and i hope that it open your eyes towards our country!

stop discrimination!
mga brods.. kalat natin to.. importante to.. image ng pilipino ang nakataya


Blogger Bro. Ilad said...

Truly people who are extremely ignorant and stupid about our cultures and traditions... easily judges US by the mistakes of the few.

Small minded people closes the door of understanding.

They are mere critics of full of nonsense and impractical judgement of others.

They must be ignored.

They themselves must look inside thir closet, to see within they are far more disgusting compared to other people in our country who commits Mistakes!

I hope that they are only few annoying people on this earth to make this Small World more peaceful and progressive.

ALL PROBLEMS must be resolved not to be criticized which will lead to a greater discrimation and degradation of other people.



October 5, 2006 at 11:12 PM  

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