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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Early Announcement (Part 6)!: Advisory Council Term 2005-B


Chairman: Dad Hernani B. Lopez, PDDGM
Co-Chairman: Dad Mario C. Leopoldo, PM
Chapter Advisor: Dad Marco Antonio A. De Guzman, PMC
Consultant: Dad Eduardo G. EscaƱo, COH, HLOH


Chapter Procedures: Dad Alfonso Obsum, PM
Activities/Ritual: Dad Ramil V. Huele, PMC, JW
Scribe: Dad Roberto V. Maneze, PMC, PIKC-KT, CHEV., LOH
Finance: Dad Edwin P. Costes, PMC, PNMC, CHEV.
Audit: Dad Antonio V. De Guzman, PDGL
Civic Service: Dad Ramon Clavecillas
Membership: Dad Rosalio A. Quirante, COH
Masonic Relations: Dad Alexander Madamba, PDDGM
Jurisprudence: Dad Rommel Gabriel P. Carag, PMC
Athletics: Dad Mark Harris L. Dansal
Publications: Dad Geminiano V. Galarosa, Jr., PM


Administration: Bro. Ramon S. Herrera, PMC-MSA, PNMC, CHEV., KT.
Finance: Bro. Kristoffer Don M. Cruz, PMC
Membership: Bro. Antonio S. Herrera, PMC
Special Projects: Bro. Alvin B. Pangilinan, PMC, CHEV.
Masonic Relations: Bro. Juan Antonio L. Escultura, PSC, CHEV.
Civic Service: Bro. Wilmer G. Alconera, PSC
Ritual: Bro. Willardo S. Remo Jr., PMC
Chapter Relations: Bro. Jeffery U. Villalino, PMC, KT.
Audit: Bro. Leonardo A. Contreras, Jr., PMC
Chapter Paraphernalia: Bro. Mark Lester B. Quirante, PMC
Publications: Bro. Ivan R. Galarosa, PMC, PIKC-KT., CHEV.
Athletics: Bro. Dennis G. Sumague, PMC
Records: Bro. Ricardo V. Chiu, Jr., PMC
Jurisprudence: Bro. Ruben Carlo G. Espejo, PMC, CHEV.
& Bro. Rey John Q. Lovendino, PSC


President: Bro. Hyram Azis L. Dansal, PMC
Members:Bro. Hernani John R. Lopez, PMC
& Bro. Billy James M. Cruz, PMC, NCS
Secretary: Bro. Jesse Chriss V. Santos, PMC


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