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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Wala lang....dito ako ngayon sa bahay.... binasa-basa ko ulit yung mga naunang nailathala dito sa blogspot ng Chapter natin.... at least dito sa bahay, mas mahaba oras ko mag internet.... hindi tulad sa labas, lulubusin ko yung bente pesos ko kada isang Oras... mahirap yun ah! Kapag may makita na akong mensahe sa Email ko, teka teka... forward messages.... teka mahaba ito ah!!!! napipilitan kong ibale-wala yung natanggap na Email, kadalasan nabubura ko lamang...sayang oras eh.... bahala na...

Pero ngayon, lahat ng E-mails na natatanggap ko, may oras na akong basahin at intindihin... Maganda kasi yung mensahe kahit forwarded messages lang, at minsan nagkakataon na kinakailangan mo ng mga Words of Wisdom during the times na deppressed ka o may problema ka... Kaya nawiwili din ako na i-forward ang mga trip kong Messages sa mga Kaibigan ko, sa mga Brods at sa iba pa....

Ngayon nga, nabasa ko muli ang mga post ng mga Brods... ang ganda ng mga mensahe.... maayos pa ang pagkaka-prisinta ng mga ideya... at sadyang makabuluhan hindli lamang sa mga brods, kundi pati sa iba...

Sadyang nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng natutunan ko sa kanilang mga post dito sa blogspot natin....

Para sa mga bisita dito sa Blogspot ng A. Mabini Chapter.... WELCOME!

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Some of my favourite topics posted by my brother DeMolays.....

Inspiring, Comedy, and Dramatic post for all.....

Just read more and be inspired.... because I did.

Share your thoughts... dami kong natutunan sa inyo. . . and I do believe others will also appreciate it too.

More power to all...

For God, For Country, and For DeMolay!

Bro. Ilad

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Early Announcement (Part 6)!: Advisory Council Term 2005-B


Chairman: Dad Hernani B. Lopez, PDDGM
Co-Chairman: Dad Mario C. Leopoldo, PM
Chapter Advisor: Dad Marco Antonio A. De Guzman, PMC
Consultant: Dad Eduardo G. Escaño, COH, HLOH


Chapter Procedures: Dad Alfonso Obsum, PM
Activities/Ritual: Dad Ramil V. Huele, PMC, JW
Scribe: Dad Roberto V. Maneze, PMC, PIKC-KT, CHEV., LOH
Finance: Dad Edwin P. Costes, PMC, PNMC, CHEV.
Audit: Dad Antonio V. De Guzman, PDGL
Civic Service: Dad Ramon Clavecillas
Membership: Dad Rosalio A. Quirante, COH
Masonic Relations: Dad Alexander Madamba, PDDGM
Jurisprudence: Dad Rommel Gabriel P. Carag, PMC
Athletics: Dad Mark Harris L. Dansal
Publications: Dad Geminiano V. Galarosa, Jr., PM


Administration: Bro. Ramon S. Herrera, PMC-MSA, PNMC, CHEV., KT.
Finance: Bro. Kristoffer Don M. Cruz, PMC
Membership: Bro. Antonio S. Herrera, PMC
Special Projects: Bro. Alvin B. Pangilinan, PMC, CHEV.
Masonic Relations: Bro. Juan Antonio L. Escultura, PSC, CHEV.
Civic Service: Bro. Wilmer G. Alconera, PSC
Ritual: Bro. Willardo S. Remo Jr., PMC
Chapter Relations: Bro. Jeffery U. Villalino, PMC, KT.
Audit: Bro. Leonardo A. Contreras, Jr., PMC
Chapter Paraphernalia: Bro. Mark Lester B. Quirante, PMC
Publications: Bro. Ivan R. Galarosa, PMC, PIKC-KT., CHEV.
Athletics: Bro. Dennis G. Sumague, PMC
Records: Bro. Ricardo V. Chiu, Jr., PMC
Jurisprudence: Bro. Ruben Carlo G. Espejo, PMC, CHEV.
& Bro. Rey John Q. Lovendino, PSC


President: Bro. Hyram Azis L. Dansal, PMC
Members:Bro. Hernani John R. Lopez, PMC
& Bro. Billy James M. Cruz, PMC, NCS
Secretary: Bro. Jesse Chriss V. Santos, PMC

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Early Announcement Po! Congrats Term 2005-A! Welcome Term 2005-B!

A. Mabini Chapter, Order of DeMolay
Sponsored by BF Parañaque Masonic Club
Stated Meeting Every 1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month · 1:00 P.M.
RECRAA Bldg., Vitalez Compound, Sucat Road, Parañaque City


Sublime Sirs, make yourself available on the Month of October, for there will be the Installation of Officers for Term 2005-B:

Last 04 September 2005, is the Stated Meeting and the Election of Officers.

Please see the attendance below:

Chapter Advisors Present:

Dad Eduardo "Ed" G. Escaño, COH, HLOH
Dad Mario "Pol" C. Leopoldo, PM - Pilar#15
Dad Ramil "Jacobus" V. Huele, PMC, JW - Pilar#15
Dad Marco Antonio A. De Guzman, PMC

Roll of Past Master Councilors:

Bro. Leonardo A. Contreras, Jr., PMC
Bro. Antonio S. Herrera, PMC
Bro. Mark Lester B. Quirante, PMC
Bro. Dennis G. Sumague, PMC
Bro. Kristoffer Don M. Cruz, PMC
Bro. Hernan M. Bernaldez, PMC
Bro. Willardo S. Remo, Jr., PMC
Bro. Jesse Chriss V. Santos, PMC

National DeMolay Congress:

Bro. Billy James M. Cruz, PMC, NCS

Active Voting Delegates: 19 Active DeMolays (Including Bro. Billy Cruz)

8 or more Active Non-Voting Delegates and 2 other Senior DeMolays in attendance.


Chairman : Bro. Antonio S. Herrera, PMC
Scribe : Bro. Willardo S. Remo, Jr. PMC
Marshal : Bro. Kristoffer Don M. Cruz, PMC

First, during recess, screening done by the PMC's to those Brother DeMolays who expresses their intention to run and to those who have been nominated. Then the Chapter proceeds to the Election Proper.

It is one of the toughest Elections I have witnessed in our Chapter.

There are so many qualified in all positions, and many are willing to be at service to our Chapter. (Nakakataba ng puso, that they run spite of the Challenges and Problems, they may experience as future Leaders of our Chapter.)

All of them are COMPLETE with their visual presentations, feasibility study of their proposed activities and Term Program if ever they will be Elected to their preferred positions. They even express their sincere leadership and participation to all DeMolay Activities in an open Bible.

After the crucial stage of question and answer portion, the following are the List of Elected Officers for Term 2005-B:

Master Councilor : Bro. John Ryan M. Rodriguez
Senior Councilor : Bro. Kenneth Paul A. Estaca
Junior Councilor : Bro. Joseph T. Calasanz
Treasurer : Bro. Alvin Cesar T. Flores



We witnessed you petition to A. Mabini Chapter, passed the Written and Oral Examinations given by the Chapter, then Initiated the Degrees of DeMolay. We witnessed how you become a good follower in a Committee and eventually see you spearhead an Activity to make it a very successful one...

Words cannot express my Gratitude and Happiness, to you Active DeMolays, you have been continuously developing for the better you. In terms of winning from different Athletic and Ritual Competitions, you made this Chapter very proud. Now you want to hold an elected position in the Chapter as a token of your dedication, Thank you Very much!

Some of you may not be Elected today or tomorrow, or on the next DeMolay Term.... but it does not mean, no one appreciates who you are.... it does not mean that you are not qualified... or even that you are not worthy...

Brods... In DeMolay, we have been taught not to loose Faith in ourselves, even during we were still petitioners, akala natin Magaling na tayo, hindi pa pala, so we need to improve. OR akala natin hindi tayo papasa sa Standards ng Chapter na ito... But now you are a DeMOLAY! Because you have been strong to face the Challenges brought before you.... that is faith to win over trials.

Don't EVER loose HOPE my Brothers.

God is Loving to those who believe, SO believe in HIM, Pray for HIS assistance to your entire endeavor. In doing so, keep on practicing and developing your weaknesses so that you will be better.

To our New set of Officers, this Term is truly Challenging. Anticipate the unexpected problems our Chapter may encounter, and ACT fast to resolve those problems. And hoped you will be a good, diplomatic leaders of this Chapter, by being a GOOD Examples to your Members. I know some of you are very new to those positions... BUT it does not mean there will be Fewer Expectations to the Proper Performance of your DUTIES. We are here not to earn profit, but to loose some. And We are not here for prestige, but we will gain criticism for lack of improvement.

To all who have just first witnessed the Elections, May I repeat it once more, that ours is TRULY a Sacred Elections.

We Vote for the Good of the Order, and not because of RELIGION, MONEY, FAMILY RELATIONS, GENDER, POPULARITY, FRIENDSHIP, and POWER.

We need somebody who will be the Role model of the Members;

We need somebody who is reliable representative of our beloved Chapter.

To the Incumbent Officers of Term 2005-A, JOB WELL DONE! Congratulations Brethren!

My hopes are for the further Greater Improvement of our DeMolay Chapter and of the Members.

Let us KEEP our BURNING Desire to be GOOD DeMOLAYS today, and GREAT LEADERS Tomorrow.


For God, For Country and For DeMolay!

Bro. Ilad

***I'm Sorry po for mis-spelled names or names not included. Kindly Inform me for further revision of this Article.***