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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Generation Discrimination

Can you still remember the Seniors students in high school? Have you noticed that they tend to compare their generations to ours…that they will boastfully recognize the many achievements of their batch...that they have best high school life ever in your school?

Anyway, I think that they are obliged to do so. Being proud and happy with what they have experienced before is what they consider highlights of their life, their treasure for ever. That is why each batch will do their best to be better than the others…“Pagalingan na lang tayo!” can be their motto. So far, I could not see any negative about that scenario. But what if in a DeMolay Chapter, will it have the same outcome?

Others may think this kind of topic is not a big deal, but don’t you think simple conflicts could easily lead to a complicated relationship if it will not be resolved?

I think I have to share this short short (not a true to life) story, for us not to commit a mistake others may have done in the future…

One time, a senior brod (SB) met three or four active brods (AB) of his chapter…since the SB have been inactive to the chapter for several years, he is very happy and enthusiastic meeting the brods and share his life when he is still an active DeMolay. After, that SB left. And I noticed one of the AB that he is “asar” to the Seniors who boast with their past, “kung gusto niya magkwento-ng-magkwento about it, he should talk to his fellow Seniors…”

After that, I do really feel disappointed and pity what he just said. Basically brethren, when you reach majority, all the privilege of an active DeMolay will diminish. And what we Senior DeMolays can only do is to share our ups and downs, our experiences when we are still in the Chapter rooms… when we are still performing our Ritual works, when we are still maintaining the standards of the Order, for it will be the source of knowledge of the next generation.

I could still remember what Dad Jojo Javier told us, (the Speaker of one of the Seminars conducted by our Chapter – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, correct me if I’m wrong - I think it was 1997, alam niyo ito!) that as a person we should react proactively to circumstances we might encounter in our lives… (Actually that is not what he exactly told us, pero yun yung essence ng message.)

Going back to the given situation that a person always has two choices, and it is his own discretion if he will choose the right or wrong. But don’t you think, as a DeMolay, we should always look for the right decision? I think we should not get “asar” with our Seniors, but be more proud and privilege to entertain them, and hear what they have been doing in the early years of our DeMolay Chapter. Magkakapatid tayo! At dapat hindi iba ang trato natin sa isa’t-isa.

Active DeMolays may also experience when we commit mistakes…Seniors would say “Kami noon ganito…blah blah blah, etc!” Minsan pang-asar hindi ba? Nagkamali ka na lahat, may kasama pang sermon. Again, this is part of the training in our Organization, that this kind of challenges should not be disregarded; if you fail now, try it again and again. And don’t FEAR what others may tell to you, it is because we are brothers by Obligation and Fate that makes the Seniors and Dad Advisors constantly reminding us of what mistakes committed - it should not be repeated again, because their concern is our greater improvement in life.

So what do you think, do discrimination in "generation" exist in a DeMolay Chapter? Or, it is simply juz a misunderstanding of what these seniors wanted the active to continue to achive what we call a greater improvement of oneself? You decide po...

“Look always to the brighter side of each contradictions of Life…it will help you to be stronger and vigilant to face and solve every trials you will encounter!”

“Have fun while still young! DeMolay is truly a good teacher for us young leaders of tomorrow!”

Bro. Willardo “Ilad” S. Remo Jr.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Dad, Da Vinci and Nicholas Cage

By: Ivan R. Galarosa
Senior DeMolay, A. Mabini Chapter
(Translated to English by Dad Geminiano V. Galarosa Jr, Past Assistant Chapter Advisor)

It was in year 1989 when Dad came home one day. He called a family meeting. Mom’s eyes were already red from tears. Mom, my sister and myself were the only other persons in the house then and so the family meeting started easily. Dad begun by saying: “Children, I just lost my job. But let us not lose hope. Let’s just help each other so that we can return to our normal lives.”

Dad having said that, I suddenly lost my uneasiness. When Dad tells us not to worry, I don’t worry. I knew Dad is good at facing life’s adversities. So when he says everything will be okay, I believe him. Dad was jobless for a month but he did not just sit in the house watching opportunity pass by.

He approached many of his friends and relatives from whom he can ask for help, neither to borrow nor beg for money, but to ask for a job.

I really believe in Dad! And it’s because it has never been his habit to borrow money. What he wants is earn it; just give him the opportunity.

At this time also, in addition to looking for a new job, he mentioned something that has occupied him. He said he will be joining an organization that may change his life, and probably ours as well. That was the time Dad became a Mason.
Dad finally got a job, but that was not what caught my attention. Simultaneously with his new job was his acceptance as a member in a nearby Masonic lodge (chapter).

I thought, if Dad is already a Mason, would he still believe in God? Would we still go to church every Sunday? Well, it is because of what I’ve heard, that Masons don’t believe in God. I told myself “Dad is also a character, he lost his job and when he found another, he distanced himself from God. Until finally, I could no longer contain myself and so asked him why he joined Masonry at that particular time.

“Dad, will we still go to church each Sunday?” I asked. He replied as if wanting to hit me at the back of my shoulders. “Eh, what a smart aleck you are. It is you who is too lazy to join us in going to church whenever I ask you!” he replied. “Well, will you still take your communion now that you have become a Mason?” I barked back. “And when did you ever see me take communion? I never took one, even before I became a Mason” was his instantaneous reply almost laughing. And so I finally blurted out and asked him pointblank: “Is it really true you no longer believe in God?”

“Son,” he said, if a Mason does not believe in God, has it ever occurred to you I won’t waste my time joining them?!” was his quizzical reply.

But of course! If Dad’s objective was only to turn his back at God, why would he still waste his time joining an organization and pay its exorbitant fees. He’ll just turn his back and cease going to church, period!! I did not ask him anymore.

I reckon Dad is really queer. He immediately got a job and became a brother to Rizal, Bonifacio and Mabini, all in a period of only four months. Many years passed and he sort of made Masonry his career. He enthusiastically accepted various lodge positions and other tasks outside of it. And he even became a Masonic writer and historian. Terrific, huh!!

Just the other day, I watched a movie alone. I saw the movie titled “National Treasure” because they say it was about Masonry and the lost treasurers of the knights during the Middle Ages. I said to myself, what crazy ideas would the movie impart about Masonry? Would it impress upon the moviegoers (again) that Masons don’t believe in God? In fairness, the movie did nothing of that sort.

But I felt something different inside while I was watching the movie, the same feeling that I’ve felt when I read the books “The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.” I again felt the hairs of my skin stand meanwhile my mind was reeling from the question: “Is Masonry this influential it is now often the subject of literary works, be it on books and in movies?” One thing more, if Masonry has a secret that involves riches ( like the Holy Grail of the Lost Treasures of the Knights Templars) are they teaching these to all their members? Is there something Dad knows about these treasures that he must have stumbled upon in his researches?

In my view, the hidden treasures of the Masons, whether in the Philippines or in other countries, are far more valuable than the those found by Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) in the movie. In my opinion (well, I can but opinionate as I am not a Mason), having a broader mind, “religious tolerance”, love for peers (or neighbors), the never-ending search for truth and their strong faith in God, are the hidden treasures of Masonry. These riches, I believe, are what they forcibly try impress upon their people, only, "one has to display his worth to be able to show that he can handle the daunting task of keeping these 'treasures'". I think it is not material wealth but the spiritual and intellectual riches that they conceal. But again, this is but a personal assumption.

And why do I believe these are what they hide? Because these are the treasures that Dad has kept on passing to me as I grow up ever since he became a Mason in 1989. There was never a time when he has not inculcated upon me the value of these treasures, and I presume, and this presumption is solely mine, that Dad has already shown me the well-kept hidden cache of wealth that Masons are hiding from public view.

Someday, I will still find out whether my assumptions are true.

(If you want to read some of the articles that were written by Dad on Masonry, just follow the link

Friday, February 04, 2005

Announcement Po! (Part 2)

This introduction for this Announcement Po! (Part 2) will be much more difficult to express.

Why? Two reasons why... First, it is because I knew this person only for 7 years of my life, for others it is 20 Years or more! Second, I have little knowledge of where he studied or where he was born, etc. (Personal Background)

But this person are well-known to every DeMolay and Dad Masons alike. (Naku! nauubusan na ko ng ideas!)

Hmmmm....Ok for my point of view na lang... it is my priviledge to introduce this person as how I knew him for the last 7 years...

Well, He was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at Araw Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. He was also been the Chapter Advisor of Loyalty Chapter, Order of DeMolay, in 1980's. And it was in 1980's-1984 when the B.F. Parañaque Masonic Club was organized, and he was there all the time with the Founding Father MW Dad Rosendo C. Herrera, PGM and company formed and Instituted a DeMolay Chapter in Parañaque, named after a brillant man and a national hero of our Country, who achieved greatly to promote the Freedom for all the Filipinoes - Apolinario Mabini.

Since that time, with his help, he provide guidance and lessons to all DeMolays which improved their skills as an individual. With his profound dedication to the Order, he showed great advices and constantly demonstrate to all DeMolays good example for them to follow. That is the kind of Dad all DeMolay Chapters need, Dedicated to the purposes of our Order, equiped with great knowledge in handling a DeMolay Chapter, and of course sincere Understanding.

Because of that dedication, he was given by the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, Republic of the Philippines the CROSS OF HONOR and HONORARY LEGION OF HONOR.

Now, as the Congress Advisor of the National DeMolay Congress, Republic of the Philippines, he remains to be true to his obligation. He continues to spread the great lessons of the Order, and maintains the high standards to which a young man should be trained.

In spite of his SERMONS! (Especially kapag MC ka!) he is our Dad...


Naku Dad, 21 years old ka na!!! God Bless Po! And may you have more Birthday, and more Jug-a-Lug to come!

Bro. Ilad

Announcement Po!


This Brother DeMolay I am talking about is a member of the "SURVIVOR Batch", as the Batch Leader of 5 batchmates, they were conferred the Initiatory and DeMolay Degree on December 21, 1997 at the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, for their exemplary qualities. And because of his Leadership Skills mould by our Order in his being, he was Elected and Installed as the 30th MASTER COUNCILOR of our Chapter, Term 1998-B. He is also the WEBMASTER of our Website "" He graduated B.S. Computer Science at Adamson University in Manila.

On October 2003, he was raised as a MASTER MASON in PILAR LODGE No. 15, Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines with other 3 batchmates. They are the first Brother DeMolays of our Chapter initiated as a Master Mason.

And on February 5, 2005, after he was Elected, he will be Installed Junior Warden of their Masonic Lodge.

This Brother, which we all know, is Brother and Dad Ramil Valderama Huele, PMC...

Brother and Dad Ramil, in behalf of your Brother DeMolays here in A. Mabini Chapter, Order of DeMolay, Congratulations! and Hope you will maintain who you are well-knowned for, "A True Brother by Heart!"

Continue inspiring other DeMolays to follow your good example!

For God... For Country... and For DeMolay!

Bro. ilad