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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chapter LTC and Outing

Last September 29-30, 2007 at Pansol, Calamba, Laguna we conducted our Chapters Leadership Training Conference and Outing.

We have 3 Speakers Namely:

Dad Eduardo G. Escano, COH, HLOH

Dad Ramil V. Huele, PMC
Basic Planning, Rituals, Parliamentary Procedures and Team Building


Me! Bro. Willardo S. Remo, Jr., PMC
Chapter Procedures - Chapter Reports to SCODRP

We have 3 Teams:

Team Spice Boys

Bro. Rhein Eros Gamueda, Team Leader
Bro. Benjamin Madamba
Bro. Wesley Valdez

Team Hearthrobs
Bro. Martin Yerro, Team Leader
Bro. Rodolfo Paras, Jr.
Bro. Ken Bryan Escano

Team Ba

Bro. Melchor Dilodilo, Jr., Team Leader
Bro. Rei Jal C. Obsum
Bro. Michael Anthony Tan

Other Active Bros:
Bro. Wilson Ching
Bro. Mark Gomez
Bro. Cedric Metro
Bro. Jomari Metro

With Seniors:
Bro. Leonardo Contreras, Jr., PMC
Bro. Dennis Sumage, PMC
Bro. Jesse Chriss Santos, PMC
Bro. Charles Joseph Jimenez
Bro. Percival Encarnacion
Bro. Lance Contreras

All in all, enjoy fun learning new things! Daming Pagkain!

Bonding! and Camaraderie asteeg!


Bro. Ilad, PMC


We conducted this activity for the outgoing and incoming Term 2007. We believe we need to have a good start to have a good and effective Term of Office. So far its a big success!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day of Comfort, December 10, 2006

December 7, 2006

Sublime Sirs, For your information. Thanks.



Text Message from our Senior Councilor, AJ OBSUM:

Gud AM Brods! Sa Sunday Dec. 10 Day of Comfort sa KSG (King Solomon's Garden, BF Resort, LP). Magpapakain tayo ng Street Children, 3PM-5PM.

Call time 1PM, magaayos pa tau dun.

Dress code casual, as much as possible DeMolay T-Shirt.

Masaya yung activity na yun bro. Pero mas masaya pag nandun kau. Please pass.


Friday, August 25, 2006

dogs and racial discrimination..

taken from

so.. nung isang araw.. may nakita akong online bulletin.. suportahan daw natin.. pero.. pagkabasa ko sa mga comments.. tinitira tayo ng mga dayuhan.. bakit? basahin nyo..

*basahin nyo muna ung 'petiton url' so to speak.. yeah right..*

eto ung email ko sa kanila

subject: regarding the petiton Dogs are our best friends, not meat - Philippines STOP brutality against them!

petition url -

i think that what youre doing for the good of all people is great and that it can really help us in the future.. unfortunatelly, after seeing this petition, i became somewhat disappointed because some people are becoming racist. i am a filipino.. proud and true... and i cannot stand this comments about our race being BARBARIANS, HEARTLESS, SOUL LESS, DISGUSTING PEOPLE... i mean.. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! for your info... not all filipinos eats dog meat and 2nd of all.. almost half of filipinos are poor... have no shelter, no money.

our country might be poor and suffering from corruption.. but we want some dignity..we want our voices be heardinstead of blabing racial slurs about filipinos.. why not JUST help them? cant we do that?

we as humans eat different kinds of food right?.. we eat pork, chicken, turkey, beef, snakes etc.etc... but let me ask you this.. isnt it that they are living creatures too..
you may havent heard ... but every country has its own unique culture.. and with culture, you have different delicacies.. dogs happen to be one of them in the provincial (RURAL) parts of philippines. take note PROVINCIAL!. also.. there are stories that people eat other humans.. isnt that more SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING AND BARBARIC?!?!

i speak for all filipinos when i say that, we also have our right to be heard. being the 'common race' doesnt give them the right to degrade other races. i have seen comments (from this particular petition) made by filipinos that were deleted the next day.. come on! what is that? where is the freedom?!?! how can we explain ourselves when we are barred from our rights? cant we prove our side FIRST! before being bombarded by racial slurs?

people shouldnt use helpless dogs to as an excuse to ignite anger of racists towards our country. it defeats the purpose of having a petition and supporting a cause.

thank you verymuch for your time and i hope that it open your eyes towards our country!

stop discrimination!
mga brods.. kalat natin to.. importante to.. image ng pilipino ang nakataya

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

attention sublimesirs!

ayan na! may bago tayong Mabini site. (bale.. pangatlo na to)
check nyo na lang click here!
gawa ni bro. MC, inayusan ko lang

un lang!
miss ko na kayo! haha!
-ryan dg

Monday, March 27, 2006

Winners of "Soundtrip for Charity" last March 26, 2006

Listed below are the winners for A.Mabini's Fund-Raising Activity last March 26, 2006 held at the Philippine DeMolay Youth Center.

1st Prize iPod Nano - Bro. Alvin Cesar T. Flores

2nd Prize iPod Shuffle - Chrys Eien P. Bravo

Consolation Prizes (3) Generic Mp3 Players

- Gianella Nicole Amora

- Vander Anievas

- Cezar Cortez

Thanks to everyone who supported our activity!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Thank You...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one for attending the 42nd Public Installation of Officers last Sunday, October 16. The event was a success amidst the downpour of rain during the said occassion.

I would also like to give a hefty thanks to all those whom whole-heartedly gave their support for the preparation of the Installation, without you, the occassion would not have been successful. I hope that the your support will continue during the term, and I think, this in turn, will truly make 2005 Term-B an exceptional term.

We as the newly installed officers, will do our very best to improve our chapter, and with your aid, we are sure that this not be impossible to attain.

Again, Thans to all of you! Long live A. Mabini, long live DeMolay!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Wala lang....dito ako ngayon sa bahay.... binasa-basa ko ulit yung mga naunang nailathala dito sa blogspot ng Chapter natin.... at least dito sa bahay, mas mahaba oras ko mag internet.... hindi tulad sa labas, lulubusin ko yung bente pesos ko kada isang Oras... mahirap yun ah! Kapag may makita na akong mensahe sa Email ko, teka teka... forward messages.... teka mahaba ito ah!!!! napipilitan kong ibale-wala yung natanggap na Email, kadalasan nabubura ko lamang...sayang oras eh.... bahala na...

Pero ngayon, lahat ng E-mails na natatanggap ko, may oras na akong basahin at intindihin... Maganda kasi yung mensahe kahit forwarded messages lang, at minsan nagkakataon na kinakailangan mo ng mga Words of Wisdom during the times na deppressed ka o may problema ka... Kaya nawiwili din ako na i-forward ang mga trip kong Messages sa mga Kaibigan ko, sa mga Brods at sa iba pa....

Ngayon nga, nabasa ko muli ang mga post ng mga Brods... ang ganda ng mga mensahe.... maayos pa ang pagkaka-prisinta ng mga ideya... at sadyang makabuluhan hindli lamang sa mga brods, kundi pati sa iba...

Sadyang nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng natutunan ko sa kanilang mga post dito sa blogspot natin....

Para sa mga bisita dito sa Blogspot ng A. Mabini Chapter.... WELCOME!

Kindly read the post of kennethzky - Buhay DeMolay & Creed of Peace
daryll - Word....
Jacobus - Minsan sa Isipan ng Petitioner
Ivan - Dad, Da Vinci and Nicholas Cage
(arlo - Good of the Order - Protocol
sublimesir - Bibig: Sayang, Sipag, Talino, Tamad...
johnryan - Racing! zoooommmm!!!

Some of my favourite topics posted by my brother DeMolays.....

Inspiring, Comedy, and Dramatic post for all.....

Just read more and be inspired.... because I did.

Share your thoughts... dami kong natutunan sa inyo. . . and I do believe others will also appreciate it too.

More power to all...

For God, For Country, and For DeMolay!

Bro. Ilad